Non-Theatrical Exhibition Rules

Commercially available DVDs and Blu-ray discs with which most consumers are familiar are intended for Private Home Use only. Institutional DVDs like the Secret Maps Project which are released in what is known as the Non-Theatrical Market are priced higher than commercial consumer DVDs because they include limited Public Performance Rights.

These limited Public Performance Rights permit the owner/user to show the film to groups of no more than fifty (50) people provided NO admission is charged. The audience must be closed audience in some way, e.g. pupils of a school, members of a social club or congregation and screenings must not be advertised, except within the group that is eligible to attend (i.e. in a membership organisation’s newsletter, bulletin, message board, or magazine).

Typically, the showing of films under the exercise of Non-Theatrical Public Performance Rights take place within:

  • educational institutions
  • religious institutions
  • correctional facilities
  • libraries; museums
  • government institutions
  • community centers
  • recreational facilities
  • hospitals and other health care facilities
  • shut-in institutions (e.g. nursing and rehab facilities)
  • dormitories and other residential communities
  • camps
  • all manner of fraternal, benevolent and community clubs and organizations
  • conference facilities
  • business facilities
  • airlines, buses and other ground transportation services


Read the details here.   If you are a purchaser from a hospice, religious organization, or incorporated grief support organization, Elm Films, the copyright administrator, will make available to you a one-time Exhibition License enabling you to have a benefit screening and fundraise and/or charge admission for an extra fee (usually $200 in addition to the regular purchase price). You must contact Elm Films to obtain an Exhibition License.  Charging admission or fundraising with the film is illegal without proper licensing.

The Exhibition License will we provide you with will enable you to screen the film for an audience of up to 250 people.  After your event and the Exhibition License expires,  regular Public Performance rules (as described above) apply.

In order for us to process your request for an Exhibition License, please provide us with:

  • the date of your event
  • the capacity of your venue
  • the admission you plan to charge
  • the organization it will benefit

You will be required to sign and accept the License and its Terms in advance and to report back to us an estimate of the monies you raised.  (We like to keep track of our successes!)