Part I: The Secret Map of Surviving Loss 

This 63-minute documentary is our main tool for counselors and facilitators running bereavement groups aimed at helping those struggling with surviving loss.  It is broken into 8 chapters corresponding with the chapters in our downloadable workbook.  You can show the film all at once if you like or show it in chapters over the course of 8 weeks and work through the issues in the workbook one at a time. Week One:  Telling the Story of our Loss Week Two:  Guilt, Trauma, Haunting Images, Helplessness Week Three:  Shock, Despair, Difficulty Functioning Week Four:  Secondary Losses, Estrangement, Family Dysfunction, Anger Week Five:  Identity, Interconnectedness Week Six:  Signs and Dreams Week Seven:  Coping with Triggers, Anniversaries, Holidays Week Eight:  Moving Forward, Making Meaning You can learn more about the human subjects in the film here.

Part II: Good Grieving – A Guide to Group Facilitation

This 30-minute video provides plenty of tips and food for thought for counselors who would like to deepen their connection to clients and strengthen cohesion in their groups.  We also provide a wonderful facilitation guide by grief expert Diane Brennan of Life and Loss Counseling in NYC.

Part III: An Introduction to Group Grieving and Healing

This 27-minute film was created for an evening or afternoon of introduction to your group counseling offerings. As you know, many grieving people are hesitant at first to come to a group. Some have never experienced any kind of counseling and some are anxious that they are going to be called upon to speak when they may not be ready. This film provides an opportunity to create the most non-threatening environment possible to bring in people in need of grief counseling and break the ice. Containing portions of every other film in the Secret Maps project with some additional commentary, we think of it as an “informercial” for group grief counseling. Simply show the film, speak a bit on your different offerings and take questions.