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The Secret Maps Project was created for Non-Theatrical use at Institutions only. Non-Theatrical films are different from regular retail commercial films in that they are sold with Public Performance Rights enabling institutions to repeatedly show the content to limited and closed public audiences provided no admission is ever charged. Read the detailed explanation here. This is how films are able to be distributed and shown in classrooms, on college and university campuses, and in various other public institutions in an equitable way.


We realize that most hospices and grief organizations are not budgeted for the acquisition of educational Non-Theatrical film materials in the same way as colleges and universities, etc. So, in order for your organization to recoup the cost of bringing the Secret Maps Project to your clients, Elm Films will provide you for an additional fee with an one-time Exhibition License allowing you to charge admission and/or solicit sponsorship/donations. We also provide you with a host of supporting materials to help you have a successful fundraiser screening.


After your Benefit Screening is complete, your one-time Exhibition License expires and you retain standard PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS which entitle your institution to continue to show the film at any time going forward to groups of up to fifty (50) people free (meaning NO admission/fee/donation is charged to any portion of the event at which the film is shown). We hope that after your Benefit Screening is complete that your Bereavement or Pastoral Care Department will continue to use the films on a regular basis to support your clients in healing from grief as that is for what the Secret Maps Project was made.

  • A DVD with a copy of the film for your benefit: The Secret Map of Surviving Loss, run time 63 minutes, and access to download the companion 8-week exercise worksheets for groups.

  • A password to download the Screening Kit which includes:
      • Poster, Flyer and Postcard art for your promotional use
      • A To-Do Checklist counting you down and giving you a step-by-step list of what you need to do to make your screening happen
      • A list of vendors to help you if need to rent a projector, PA system or screen
      • Recommendations on how to structure a successful and interesting event
  • Open Access to our Press Kit providing you additional information to support publicity

  • A complimentary copy of Good Grieving: A Guide to Group Facilitation, run time 30 minutes, included on the same DVD as the feature and access to the companion Bereavement Support Groups:  A Guide for Leaders,  a downloadable resource by Diane Brennan, Life & Loss Mental Health Counseling.

  • A complimentary copy of  An Introduction to Group Grieving and Healing, run time 27 minutes, included on the same DVD as the feature, created for your Bereavement or Pastoral Care staff to use to introduce your clients to your group offerings.

The price for the standard Non-Theatrical Institutional DVD of the Secret Maps Project is two hundred and ninety-five ($295) dollars. If your hospice or organization has many chapters and is in need of multiple copies, we can arrange a volume discount. (Typically, we charge $245 for your second copy and then $195 for every additional copy thereafter.) While it is certainly not necessary for you to do so, we encourage you to take advantage of the one-time Exhibition License we are willing to grant to recoup your costs. For example, if 50 people attend a screening and are charged $15 a piece, the screening would net $750 which is fifty percent more than the cost of the DVD. Just review the Film Exhibition Samples below to see several scenarios under which your hospice can come out ahead with the Secret Maps Project. In addition having an “event screening” also creates a unique opportunity to do community outreach!

Compare Film Exhibition Samples

Maryann Manelski, the director of the Secret Maps of Surviving Loss, often does Q&As in conjunction with screenings. If you would like to book her for an appearance at your event, please contact us.  She is based in the NYC area.

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Commercially available DVDs and Blu-ray discs with which most consumers are familiar are intended for Private Home Use only. Institutional DVDs like the Secret Maps Project which are released in what is known as the Non-Theatrical Market are priced higher than commercial consumer DVDs because they include limited Public Performance Rights.


These limited Public Performance Rights permit the owner/user to show the film to groups of no more than fifty (50) people provided NO admission is charged. The audience must be closed audience in some way, e.g. pupils of a school, members of a social club or congregation and screenings must not be advertised, except within the group that is eligible to attend (i.e. in a membership organisation’s newsletter, bulletin, message board, or magazine).


Typically, the showing of films under the exercise of Non-Theatrical Public Performance Rights take place within:

  • educational institutions
  • religious institutions
  • correctional facilities
  • libraries; museums
  • government institutions
  • community centers
  • recreational facilities
  • hospitals and other health care facilities
  • shut-in institutions (e.g. nursing and rehab facilities)
  • dormitories and other residential communities
  • camps
  • all manner of fraternal, benevolent and community clubs and organizations
  • conference facilities
  • business facilities
  • airlines, buses and other ground transportation services



If you are a purchaser from a hospice or incorporated grief support organization, Elm Films, the copyright administrator, will make available to you a one-time Exhibition License enabling you to have a benefit screening and fundraise and/or charge admission for an extra fee (usually $200 in addition to the regular purchase price). You must contact Elm Films to obtain an Exhibition License.  Charging admission or fundraising with the film is illegal without proper licensing.


The Exhibition License will we provide you with will enable you to screen the film for an audience of up to 250 people.  After your event and the Exhibition License expires,  regular Public Performance rules (as described above) apply.


In order for us to process your request for an Exhibition License, please provide us with:

  • the date of your event
  • the capacity of your venue
  • the admission you plan to charge
  • the organization it will benefit


You will be required to sign and accept the License and its Terms in advance and to report back to us an estimate of the monies you raised.  (We like to keep track of our successes!)

The Secret Maps of Surviving Loss is appropriate for year-round screenings. Please be aware, however, that there are many special dates and times of year that can bring added significance to your event if you choose to tie them to your event. Below are just a few of the many important times of year associated with hospice and their clients:

    • March: National Social Worker’s Month
    • 3rd Week of April: National Volunteer Week
    • May: In Remembrance of Mother’s Day
    • June: In Remembrance of Father’s Day
    • September: Pain Awareness Month
    • Last Week of October: National Pastoral Care Week
    • November: National Hospice/Palliative Care Month
    • December/January: The holidays and the New Year are of particular significance in bereavement!