A very sensitive way to address a topic that is difficult for so many to discuss. Real life examples are so easy to relate to, normalizes what can be a very unsettling and isolating experience for so many. Thanks for sharing!

Jackie G.

The Secret Map of Surviving Loss makes for a wonderful companion on the journey to healing. I am closing in on the third anniversary of my mother’s passing and I still benefitted from the valuable insight and honest emotions of this film. I will be recommending it to several friends and relations to help them with their journey.


This film was BEAUTIFUL, expressive, articulate, honest. Thank you for such a beautiful and open film.

Sarah M.

Thank you all.  The sharing is comforting and there for others.  Such good work by all.

Bob B.

Authentic, educational and filled with accurate depictions that everyone can relate to.

Denise L.

Very grateful that this is available online.  I will recommend to some clients.

George A.

The Secret Map of Surviving Loss is an excellent film and covers every aspect of the grieving process. The use of each individual’s journey through loss is beneficial to anyone viewing the film. And, The advice of the three grief counselors provides the guideposts for surviving loss. The film is a valuable navigation tool for anyone suffering from loss or anyone in a supporting role. The potential audience is a broad one and will greatly benefit from viewing it. I also see the film as an excellent tool to be use in the follow-up Hospice environment. Hospice usually recommends grief counselors and group meetings to the grieving family. For those family members who don’t want to go to a counselor or a group meeting – ‘The Secret Map of Surviving Loss; could be a useful alternative. I highly recommend this film to everyone. It is a bridge to understanding a very difficult life experience.

Anne G.