The Secret Maps Project for Bereavement Counselors, Hospice and Grief Professionals

Bereavement is where people finally heal.  It is where the work of hospice and its doctors, nurses, and other clinicians resolves and where the work of social workers and counselors culminates. It’s where new bonds, new communities and new understandings are formed. The Secret Maps Project is a set of five films created to support your work with the grieving as well as to develop and educate your staff. We also make available an optional a one-time Exhibition License enabling you to fundraise and recoup the cost of acquisition of the Secret Maps Project.

Part I: The Secret Map of Surviving Loss

This 63-minute documentary features five brave souls revealing their experiences of grief and laying out the common journey which every soul traverses in their own unique ways in grieving the loss of a person they loved. At once instructional and transformative, the Secret Map of Surviving Loss elucidates the pattern through we make meaning and sense and map our way to new life understandings. But most importantly, it shows we do heal. It is a multi-use film that can be used for bereavement group, education, or fundraising (with proper license).

  • BEREAVEMENT GROUP  The Secret Map of Surviving Loss for hospices comes with access to our downloadable Exercise Workbook so it can be used with clients in the facilitation of an 8-week grief group or as a one-off event screening.
  • EDUCATION  This film showcases the long-term impact of loss and how clinicians’ work can have a positive outcome occurring long afterward. It is a great tool for staff development and education.
  • FUNDRAISING  We have developed a step-by-step guide for putting together a screening event for your donors or sponsors in order to showcase your work and showcase bereavement as the very special place it is:  the place where people heal and recover a new life.

Part II: Good Grieving: A Guide to Group Facilitation

This 30-minute video provides food for thought for those on your counseling staff who’ve been running a group for years and also serves as a wonderful tutorial for those new to group facilitation. It’s a great tool for staff development.

Part III: An Introduction to Group Grieving and Healing

This 27-minute film was created for an evening or afternoon of introduction to your group counseling offerings. As you know, many grieving people are hesitant at first to come to a group. Some have never experienced any kind of counseling and some are anxious that they are going to be called upon to speak when they may not be ready. This film provides an opportunity to create the most non-threatening environment possible to bring in people in need of grief counseling and break the ice. Containing portions of every other film in the Secret Maps project with some additional commentary, we think of it as an “informercial” for group grief counseling. Simply show the film, speak a bit on your different offerings and take questions.

Part IV: Men Navigating Grief

As men often have special needs and many avoid co-ed bereavement groups, we have created this 15-minute internet video (shown above) to help you get the bereavement discussion going. We encourage you to embed it on your website (provided you do not alter it in any way) and pass the YouTube link around.

Part V: An Introduction to Bereavement Group

Many people who have had a loss have not had prior experience with therapy or counseling.  This 7-minute short (shown above) answers the basic question “What is a Bereavement Group?” It is a great resource to which to direct clients following their loss. It is also made available for you to embed on your website as is or to link to on ours.