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Upcoming in Grief Digest

Secret Maps director Maryann Manelski will be writing for Grief Digest for the next few months. We’ll be offering a discount to readers but you can see the ad and the discount codes that will be in the issue now. We’ll post again when the issue is available and you can read her articles.

National Widowers Organization Holiday Support

The National Widowers’ Organization is putting together resources for widowers dealing with loss during the holidays and has recommended the Secret Maps Project for its members. Sam Feldman, founder and Chairman of the National Widowers’ Organization, participated in the [the Secret Maps Project] film, sharing his story of loss. He says of his involvement in […]

Multi-layers of the Caregiver’s Dilemma in the NYT

As filmmaker Maryann Manelski gears up for production on her next film, the Caregiver Myth, she is quoted briefly on her caregiving experience in this NYT article by Paula Span, which will also run in the print edition of this Tuesday’s Science Times section. Span writes a regular column on the very important beat of […]

Screening at Archcare

Maryann Manelski, the director/producer, of the Secret Maps Project and the cast were in attendance for a screening of the Secret Map of Surviving Loss at Archcare on Manhattan’s Upper East Side hosted by Fr. John Anderson. The crowd stayed for a hour after the showing for a very intimate panel discussion and Q&A, facilitated […]

Surviving Suicide Resources

We had a wonderful and intimate screening of the Secret Map of Surviving Loss last night at Archcare on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Afterwards, Cristina Juvier facilitated a good and long panel discussion between those in the film and the crowd. The question of resources for the immediate aftermath for those surviving a suicide arose. […]

Clinician Training Edition Releasing November 17

The Secret Maps Project Clinician’s Training Edition will be released on DVD on November 17. Created to meet the educational and clinician’s training needs of Social Work and Psychology departments at colleges and university, the DVD will contain two films: The 60-minute documentary feature, the Secret Map of Surviving Loss, takes clinicians-in-training through the patient/client’s […]

November 10, 2015 NYC Screening

NOVEMBER 10, 2015 3pm Archcare Auditorium at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center Screening of the Secret Map of Surviving Loss followed by Q&A with the director, Maryann Manelski, and cast including Fr. John Anderson and Diane Brennan of Life & Loss Mental Health Counseling. You must rsvp to nov10rsvp@survivingloss.org to be on the […]