National Widowers Organization Holiday Support

The National Widowers’ Organization is putting together resources for widowers dealing with loss during the holidays and has recommended the Secret Maps Project for its members.

Sam Feldman, founder and Chairman of the National Widowers’ Organization, participated in the [the Secret Maps Project] film, sharing his story of loss. He says of his involvement in this project, “After seeing the completed films and support materials that are available for individuals and professionals alike, I am convinced Maryann’s work can make a significant difference to the widowed community in a new and effective way. At a time when resources to support widowers are scarce, the Secret Maps Project provides individuals, professionals, and organizations with tools that can help many.”

We hope grievers everywhere take an hour and avail themselves of the film online. It’s another way to get through and know you are not alone. Surviving Loss is so happy to be working closely with National Widowers to help reach the men in grief who are so often under-supported in their loss. You can read the full press release below.

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Secret Maps Project at Nazareth College

We’re very pleased to announce that Nazareth College in Rochester, NY has added the Secret Maps Project to the curricula of its Social Work Department. We hope that the clinicians-in-training at Nazareth get as much out of it as the bereaved people with whom we’ve been sharing the film.

Surviving Suicide Resources

We had a wonderful and intimate screening of the Secret Map of Surviving Loss last night at Archcare on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Afterwards, Cristina Juvier facilitated a good and long panel discussion between those in the film and the crowd. The question of resources for the immediate aftermath for those surviving a suicide arose. We recommend Alliance of Hope and Coping with Suicide Loss from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Clinician Training Edition Releasing November 17

The Secret Maps Project Clinician’s Training Edition will be released on DVD on November 17. Created to meet the educational and clinician’s training needs of Social Work and Psychology departments at colleges and university, the DVD will contain two films:

The 60-minute documentary feature, the Secret Map of Surviving Loss, takes clinicians-in-training through the patient/client’s experience of grief step-by-step as described by the grieving subjects in the film. It also includes light explication by three licensed grief counselors.

The half-hour short film, Good Grieving:  A Guide to Group Facilitation, is a development tool focused on group work that clinicians-in-training may undertake.

Pre-orders can be placed now.  Contact us to schedule a free streaming preview in advance.